Demanding markets require the highest quality

Westwire Harnessing is accredited to;

BS EN ISO 9001:2015

AS 9100 Revision D

These Quality Standards are the model for our business management system.

In-build and 100% final inspection and test activity is performed to ensure adherence to the specification throughout the manufacturing cycle.

Fully automated electrical testing of cable assemblies is carried out using the MK Test Systems Automeg test equipment.

These computer controlled testers carry out DC continuity, insulation resistance and AC high potential tests. If required, copies of the test report can be provided for each harness tested. Customers can be confident that all specified requirements are met and complete satisfaction is assured. Full characterisation is therefore provided assuring customers that the cable harness has been fully tested and meets all necessary performance criteria.

This is all part of our product traceability and conformance to standards and ensure that Westwire Harnessing deliver a quality product. 

Quality Approvals and procedures

•BS EN ISO 9001 :2015

•AS 9100 Rev D

•SC21 Signatory

•OEM Approvals

•Continuous Improvement through innovation and learning

•Lean Manufacturing

•5S Housekeeping  

•Prototype/First Article Inspection performed

•Visual Controls

•Performance Metrics



JOSCAR supplier accreditation registration

RISQS Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme


Westwire Harnessing is accredited to:



EN 9100 - certificate

RISQS - certificate

JOSCAR - certificate